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The View

Hats Off To The Buskers CD Album

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Release Date: 22/01/2007

Discs: 1

Hugely popular in its native U.K. by the time of this debut's early 2007 release, the View (not to be confused with the U.S. talk show) lived up to the hype by presenting an impressive set of edgy yet pop-savvy rock. Like a less-cheeky version of the Arctic Monkeys, the youthful Scottish group tempers its proudly unpolished approach with sharp melodic hooks, as best revealed on the surging "Superstar Tradesman" and the winsome "Same Jeans." Adding extra punch to the proceedings is revered producer Owen Morris, who worked with the Verve and Oasis and gives HATS OFF TO THE BUSKERS a full, unifying sound that easily marks it as one of the most noteworthy Britpop offerings of the year.

Disc 1
1. Comin' Down
2. Superstar Tradesman (Radio Edit)
3. Same Jeans
4. Don't Tell Me...
5. Skag Trendy
6. The Don
7. Face for the Radio
8. Wasted Little DJs (Single Version)
9. Grans for Ten
10. Dance into the Night
11. Claudia
12. Street Highs
13. Wasteland
14. Typical Time
15. Posh Boys
16. Skag Trendy
17. Same Jeans