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Seven Year Setlist CD Album

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Release Date: 17/06/2013

Discs: 1

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After making a glorious return with last year’s Top 10 album ‘Cheeky For A Reason’, The View have compiled some of their finest moments to date on the ‘Seven Year Setlist’ album.

"Over the years there's been four studio albums, thousands of gigs, too much vodka and loads of memories on this crazy rock n' roll journey,” says vocalist / guitarist Kyle Falconer. “So we wanted to create an album that was kinda like stopping and looking back over the years - with a few new tracks too. That’s the Seven Year Setlist."

1. Kill Kyle
2. Grace
3. Wasted Little DJ's
4. 5 Rebeccas
5. How Long
6. The Don
7. Skag Trendy
8. Realisation
9. Face For The Radio
10. Tacky Tattoo
11. The Clock
12. Standard
13. Tragic Magic
14. Underneath The Lights
15. Same Jeans
16. Dirty Magazine
17. Superstar Tradesman
18. Sunday
19. Shock Horror
20. Distant Doubloon
21. Standard